5 Reasons to Eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant

The first thing you need to know about the Be Our Guest Restaurant is that you have to make a reservation well  in advance! If the date you want isn’t available keep checking because people cancel and spots become available all the time…that’s how my friend and I  got the reservation we did when we were there! Check here for availabilities.

We had a 7:45pm dinner reservation and the castle looked awesome as we waited for our server. I specifically requested to be seated in the West Wing because…obviously!

  1. The Food is AMAZING: I feel that this is pretty important since I was afraid all the effort would be put into the experience rather than the quality of the food. Wrong! This is actually the best meal we had during our trip (and we ate at essentially every Character Dining experience offered). I had the salmon and my friend had the beef…I think everything on the menu would be fantastic to be honest.img_5648

    The West Wing is pretty dark so the photos aren’t the greatest but you definitely get the idea!
  2. The Service is Fantastic: From the staff at the check in booth at the bridge to the wait staff for our table everyone was absolutely amazing. They will try their best to accommodate a specific seating request…ours was to be in the West Wing.img_5631
  3. The Castle is Perfect: All of the details are amazing in the castle and it really feels like you’ve stepped into the castle of the Beast for dinner. It all feels even more real when the thunder claps and the Beast dashes in and out of your dining room!extra-2
  4. You Meet the Beast: Oh, didn’t I mention this? You actually get to meet the Beast on your way out of the restaurant…and he’s so charming! It’s such a great character meet…there’s also a Disney photographer making the PhotoPass, once again, so worth it!extra-3
  5. You Can Finally Try The Grey Stuff: …and it’s true when they say it’s delicious! We did ask the waiter what it is but part of the fun is guessing yourself so my lips are sealed!img_5655

Here are some photos of the menu, in case you’re like me and need extra time deciding what you want!


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