Top 10 Things to Do in Whistler During the Summer

Many people think of Whistler as a winter destination and although it may be nice in the winter it’s pretty awesome in the summer too! Here’s a list of 10 things you can do in Whistler during the summer…get ready to plan your next vacation, there are some pretty awesome things in this list!

Top 10 Things to Do in Whistler During the Summer

  1. Hike to the Base of Brandywine Falls

    Brandywine Falls is a super impressive waterfall and I definitely recommend climbing down to the base. It’s a bit tricky in spots but you won’t regret it once you’re down there!
  2. Climb To the Top of Whistler Mountain

    If you haven’t tried a Via Ferrata climb this is the place! It’s an incredible climbing experience and the views from the top are absolutely amazing!
  3. Hike Joffre Lakes

    Joffre Lakes are three of the most pristine glacier lakes near Whistler and you really don’t want to miss your opportunity to see them!
  4. Take a Yoga Class On The Top of a Mountain

    The Sea to Sky Gondola offers yoga classes on the deck at the top of the mountain! It’s an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone!
  5. Explore Whistler Village

    Whistler Village is a lot of fun to explore. There are endless shops restaurants and activities there and you can easily spend a day enjoying the village!
  6. Trainwreck Hike

    This hike is super unique and there are five train cars to explore. Another unique thing about this hike is that graffiti is allowed, so there’s some pretty cool artwork to see!
  7. Ride the Peak to Peak Gondola

    The views from the Peak 2 Peak gondola are incredible, we even saw a bear!
  8. See a Concert at Olympic Plaza

    There are always concerts at Olympic Plaza during the summer months and they’re usually super fun!
  9. Enjoy a Farm to Table Dinner

    Whistler offers a number of different options for Farm To Table Dinners and you can even find some with outdoor dining options.
  10. Head to the Lake!

    There are endless swimming spots in and around Whistler, it just depends what you’re looking for specifically.

    What kind of things have you done in Whistler during the summer? I love travelling there and am sure I’ll have another trip coming up and would love to hear your suggestions!


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