10 Tips for Adults at Disney World

Before my friend and I went on our Disney adventure we got a lot of surprised reactions from our friends and family. People seem to think that Disney isn’t for adults and that you won’t have fun without kids…idiots!

I’m here to tell you that you’ll regret not going to Disney as an adult! That said, there are a few things you have to do and a couple mistakes you don’t want to make.

10 Tips for Adults at Disney World

  1. Use the Disney Phone Ap: I don’t know about you but I have zero patience and want to do everything efficiently. This ap saved our trip and allowed us to check where characters were, wait times for rides and experiences as well as make dining reservations on the fly. Disney has wifi throughout the park so there really isn’t a reason not to get this ap!

    The Disney Ap also tells you where to find photographers throughout the park!
  2. Reserve Character Dining Experiences: We weren’t sure if this was a stretch for adults but I’m so glad we did as many character meals as we did! The food is amazing and the character meets are so much fun…don’t pass up these dining experiences!

    The Be Our Guest Restaurant is my favourite dining experience at the parks! Make sure you reserve well in advance but it’s so worth it!
  3. Buy the PhotoPass: Save yourself the struggle of having people take photos of you on your stupid cellphone…it’s such a first world problem, but why deal with it if you don’t have to!? The PhotoPass includes all the photos taken on rides and even the Magic Shots that the photographers take.
  4. Wear Mom Sneakers: These parks are a lot of fun but they’re also a lot of walking. The first day I silently mocked all of the people wearing running shoes…until I realized they had the right idea. Even if you don’t have joint issues it’s not a great idea to walk 30,000+ steps in those $5 Old Navy flip flops.
  5. Buy Those Minnie Ears: There are so many different options now…we’re not just talking basic red and white polkadot…check out these pink sequin ears we got! How can you resist?!

    The Minnie Mouse ears are a must for anyone visiting Disney…they come in all kinds of colours and styles so you’ll find a pair that you love, forsure!
  6. Use Your Fast Passes Wisely: Take a look at average wait times for the rides your interested in and use your Fast Pass for the ones that typically have the longest lines. You can also cancel your fast pass and switch it to something else if you notice a short line for a ride at another time of day. We did this a couple of times and ended up going on more rides than we originally planned because of being able to rearrange our fast passes!
  7. Meet the Characters: It took me a few tries to get the hang of talking to the characters but once I figured it out – it was so much fun! Talking to Jasmine about Abu stealing our race medals or Ariel about her out swimming us are some of the better memories from our trip!

    How can you not have fun when Tarzan himself is grooming you??
  8. Bring a Water Bottle: You can ask for free water from the concession stands but there are often longer lines than I was willing to wait in. The easiest way to keep yourself hydrated is to refill your own bottle. There are water fountains next to all the washrooms (which are well signed throughout the park) so you won’t go far with an empty bottle! Oh…another tip is to try to frozen lemonade! It’s a life saver when you feel like you’re a sun-dried tomato walking around the park!
  9. Ask The Staff: We saved so much time by asking Disney Cast Members for help instead of wandering around looking for things ourselves. Even the concession staff are knowledgable on character meet locations, rides, restaurants and basically anything else you’d want to know. One even informed us that you have access to a RN on the grounds (Advil, bandaids…they’ve got you!).
  10. Stay On Site: The Disney Resort hotels are all amazing and you really can’t go wrong no matter where you stay. This trip we opted to stay at one of the more affordable Disney Resort options and ended up at the Disney Movies Resort and I would definitely stay there again. The shuttle to and from the parks alone makes it worth staying on site…not to mention how friendly and accommodating everyone is!EPCOT_BACKSIDE1_20170227_7962130265.jpeg

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