Hangout With the Flinstones in the Grand Canyon!

As I was leaving the Grand Canyon I noticed a giant Fred Flinstone coming up on the side of the highway. I slowed down and realized what I was approaching and I knew I was going to have to stop and explore!


Now, I don’t really know how to explain this place properly. At first I thought it was abandoned…buuuuuuut, it’s not. I’ve looked it up since visiting and it actually opened in 1972 and for a mere $2 million dollars it can be YOURS! I guess the man who owns it is aging and can’t really keep up with the insane tourist crowds the park sees…..

Oh, excellent…dinosaurs admitted for free! haha!
This map is actually accurate, all these buildings exist in Bedrock City, Arizona!
In case you need a refresher on the characters from the Flinstones!

There are so many hilarious things you can see at Bedrock City. There’s a dinosaur you can roast, figures of the characters scattered around the park, a giant dinosaur slide and a number of different buildings with all kinds of things inside. Things are definitely falling apart but I’m not embarrassed to say that I had way more fun that I should have playing around this park.
If you watched the Flinstones as a kid, this will definitely be a fun place for you to explore. It’s $5 to get in but the good news is that you can print a coupon for $1 off online, haha! …but really, you can! img_2314

Have you ever seen anything like this place?

Attending a class in Bedrock City!
You know, just your everyday commute!
How else do you make a phone call?!
Roasting a dinosaur with Barney’s help!
Hanging with Barney!
There’s actually a goatasaurus in here!!!!
The most surreal “theme park” I’ve ever been to!

One thought on “Hangout With the Flinstones in the Grand Canyon!

  1. Oh my god what a beautiful and magic place. I’m sure you felt like a kid again having fun there and left the place with a lot of joy in your heart. Thank you for sharing


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