Seven Magic Mountains

If you’re in the Vegas area these Seven Magic Mountains are definitely not to be missed! They’re located just off of Interstate 15 about 25 minutes south of Las Vegas in Nevada and are the creation of a Swiss artist named Ugo Roninone.

Each of the Seven Magic Mountains is different in size and colour.

There are seven huge towers comprised of 33 boulders in total (averaging 40 thousand pounds each!) that are skillfully stackedĀ and reach more than 30 feet high into the Nevada sky.

You know I can’t resist a good jumping photo!

Seven Magic MountainsĀ is one of the largest land based art installations created in the last 40 years and took over 5 years to complete! It officially opened in May 2016 and will continue to light up the Nevada desert for two years.

Try to view these Seven Magic Mountains at sunset, the colours are even more vibrant!

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to see these brightly coloured boulders rising out of the desert on your next trip to Las Vegas!

They’re so impressive in person.

If you’re interested in more about Seven Magic Mountains, check out this post or this video to see more!

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