Canyoneering in Zion National Park!

After deciding that canyoneering was going to be a part of my Southwest trip, I got in touch with Zion Adventure Company (ZAC). From our first email exchanges I knew that this was going to be a pretty great company to spend the day with.

One of the best things about booking a trip with ZAC is their flexibility. At ZAC they really give you the freedom to customize your trip and Bailey, one of their amazing guides who I got to spend the day with, offered three different options based on her thoughts and feelings of the day (daylight, weather, etc.). This means that you’ll get to build your own adventure for the day based on your comfort level and what you want to experience (water, heights of rappels, etc.).

All geared up at the beginning of the canyoneering trip in Zion National Park!
Got my pack with my gear, rope and lunch and can’t wait to head deeper into the canyon!

Once we arrived at the canyon we hiked in and were able to navigate ourselves around the first few obstacles without rope but we quickly found ourselves at the top of a 60 foot drop into the canyon. After discussing the best way to get down, we thought we could get around the frozen water at the bottom and decided not to put on our drysuits for this rappel.

Starting the rappel down the 60 foot drop into the canyon below, eek!

When I got to the bottom I quickly realized that it was going to be much more difficult than I had thought to get my short legs over the ice without stepping on it and risking getting wet. I tapped around with my foot and after dangling there for what I felt was a sufficient time, decided to just go for it.

As soon as I touched the ice I regretted my decision. As the ice shattered and I fell into ice cold water up to my neck I also realized I had greatly underestimated the depth of this frozen “puddle”. I could feel the water slowly seeping through my insulating layers of clothing and after hearing me sputter “I’m soaked” Bailey quickly rappelled down (like Spiderwoman) and offered the option to go back to the car or change into whatever extra layers we had between us and continue through the canyon. After mustering up my adventure spirit I immediately thought “hell no will a little water end this day” and I changed into dry clothes (yeah, in the middle of the canyon).

If we didn’t rappel we slid! This was so much fun!

The rest of the day went flawlessly and I remained warm and dry thanks to the gear that ZAC provided for me! Some of the obstacles we encountered required rappelling but others we were able to slide down or maneuver our bodes around with or without the help of rope.

Getting ready to slide my way down the sandstone!

Canyoneering in Zion National Park with Zion Adventure Company allows a completely different way to experience Zion National Park and really makes you feel like a kid playing outside again.

I’d definitely recommend this adventure to anyone spending time in the area…and even if you’re not, put it on your bucket list! I promise that you won’t regret it! I’m already desperate for someone to ‘show me the ropes’ (I’ve been dying to use that, haha) so that I can get into climbing and rappelling on my own … any takers (I’m not kidding, email me!)?

At the end of our adventure, heading out of the canyon back to the cars.


21 thoughts on “Canyoneering in Zion National Park!

  1. I’ve never been to the US myself, but I’ve seen photos of the beautiful canyons there so many times. Your article really motivated me to work harder for a future trip to the US. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow! This looks so amazing! I just was lucky enough to visit Zion Canyon (along with a lot of other gorgeous parts of Utah) this past fall and absolute loved every moment of it. I’m not sure I’m athletic enough to go canyoneering but this sort of makes me want to go back and try!

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  3. Wow this looks amazing and very 127hours (I think the film is called that) How horrible for you to land in freezing water though. I would love to do this one day but not the cold water bit 🙂

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  4. I studied geography but I still can’t believe sceneries like this exist on Earth! The place is surreal and you are one lucky girl to have an opportunity to experience this adventure!

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  5. Wow, this looks amazing! I would definitely try it. As a matter of fact, I am putting Zion National Park on my bucket list right now. I had my first two experiences with canyons last year, and it was so much fun! I’ll make sure this will be one of my first destinations when I will get to US. Thanks for sharing!

    Elena |

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  6. Oh my gosh! My sister-in-law works for ZAC!! We’ve been out to visit her, but she’d hurt her ankle the week before we arrived, so we didn’t get to go canyoneering with her 😦 Looks like you had an amazing time; I’ll be sure to pass this post on!


    1. That’s crazy – what a small world! I absolutely LOVED my experience with them, I really hope you get another opportunity to go out! I’m hoping to go back again at some point this year to do a longer canyoneering trip! 😀


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