10 Times My Adventure Travel Photos Have Scared My Mom!

My Mom has been less than thrilled by a few of my adventure travel photos and I don’t know if I can blame her! Have you ever sent your Mom a travel photo and had her respond with “WHY DID YOU NEED TO DO THAT?!”…because I definitely have!

Here’s a list of 10 Times My Adventure Travel Photos Have Scared My Mom! If you’re interested in learning more about my adventures, check out the links to my related blog posts in the headings!

  1. Freediving with Sharks in Hawaii

    I went diving with sharks in Hawaii without a cage, I’m pretty sure my Mom thought the company was using me as the bait!
  2. Biking Death Road in Bolivia

    Solo travelling through Bolivia I decided to give Death Road a try, much to my mother’s horror!
  3. Standing on the Edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

    This one definitely got the “was that absolutely necessary” response!
  4. Sitting on the Edge of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

    After hearing they’re going to put barriers up, my Mom definitely wondered why I couldn’t have waited until then to see this beauty!
  5. Rappelling Down a Waterfall in Ecuador

    I did this excursion with a local teenager who claimed to know the area and have gear I could use! …my Mom loved it…haha.
  6. Playing with Tarantulas…On My Face in Canada

    Just a normal day in my life, but not to my Mom who is TERRIFIED of spiders!
  7. Canyoneering Slot Canyons in Utah

    Bundled in layers of fleece this photo of me rappelling down a 60 foot slot canyon made my Mom more than a titch nervous!
  8. Volunteering With Big Cats in Bolivia

    I spent a month walking big cats through the remote jungles of Bolivia where I didn’t contact my Mom for something like two weeks after my arrival…leaving her questioning if I had died getting there or not the whole time!
  9. Scrambling to the Base of Brandywine Falls in Whistler

    This one is particularly nerve wracking for my Mom because she was actually with me on this hike and decided not to continue down to the base after seeing how steep the descent was. She watched my sister and I scramble down and then lost sight of us until we popped out at the base.
  10. Jumping Out of a Plane in Canada

    I don’t think I need to explain why she didn’t like this one!

What kind of adventure travel photos have you sent that scared your Mom? I’m always looking for new ideas, haha…but seriously.

17 thoughts on “10 Times My Adventure Travel Photos Have Scared My Mom!

  1. I love this post! The Death Road in Bolivia looks very eerie, I think that one looks the most scary! As for the sharks in Hawaii the scariest thing I’ve seen in the water is a barracuda and that scared me enough! I don’t think photos ever do justice how big things actually are when you’re face to face underwater!

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  2. The Horseshoe Bend and the Tarantula scared me too, so I can imagine the shock your mom went through with the rest. Amazing adventures and all the best to you for all your future travels. Maybe show your mom a few of those daredevil selfies so she can rest in peace that you aren’t doing those … for now.

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  3. Your poor mom! I have to admit, some of these photos scared me, as well! I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, so your tarantula adventure is a big NOPE for me. But some of these others look like they would be so much fun! I haven’t done anything crazy to scare my parents, but I think they’re constantly worried whenever I’m not within driving distance that something crazy will befall me.

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  4. Fan post! My mom is beyond getting scared. She doesn’t know any of my near death experience. Why let her know when it doesn’t serve a real purpose?


  5. I can definitely see why some of these photos would have scared your Mom, especially the shark one, however I am a Scuba Diver and would personally absolutely love this experience as I’m a massive shark fan 😀 What fabulous experiences you have had to have captured these awesome photos!

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