Off The Beaten Path: My British Columbia Bucket List

I was going through some documents on my USB and came across my British Columbia Bucket List, and thought I should share it with you! There are a bunch of activities that I’ve either done or still want to do and I’d love to hear your suggestions on things I should add to the list in the comments!


British Columbia Bucket List





Extra Information

Snorkeling with Seals in Nanimo

$275 May – September
  • Wetsuit and dive equipment provided!
  • Don’t forget your GoPro
  • Includes a float plane ride!

Wanderlust Festival

$600 Summer – exact dates change annually
  • Incorporate Whistler hikes on extra time
  • Explore Whistler Village Itinerary

Grouse Grind

Free May – August
  • Reputation as the toughest hike in Vancouver!

Granville Island

Free, Parking = $15 Year Round
  • Eclectic stores, street performers, fresh market, theatre, etc.

Tofino Trip

variable Summer
  • See specific details below
  • Peak season starts June 1st and price increases by $20

Seattle Zoo

$14 Summer
  • Worth the drive across the border!

Raccoon Row Walk

Free, Parking = $11 Summer
  • Parking is $11/day or $3.24/hour

Whytecliff Park Beach Day

Free Summer  

Mt. Seymore Hike

Free Year Round  

Capilano Pacific Trail

Free Summer  

Capilano Canyon

Free Year Round
  • This trail overlaps with the Capilano Pacific Trail. It just starts higher up, both are worth it!

Big Cedar Trail

Free Year Round
  • Some of the biggest cedar trees you’ll ever see!

Two Canyon Loop

Free Year Round  

Crown Mountain

Free Summer  

Sendro Diez Vistas

Free Summer
  •  inaccessible during certain times of year

Crystal Falls

Free Summer  

Bike the Seawall

~$15 Summer
  • Such an awesome experience!

Orca Kayaking

$900 Summer
  • This just looks like such an epic experience!

Jericho Beach Rabbits

Free Year round
  • Who wouldn’t want to see these cuties!?

Capillano River Tubing & Cliff Jumping

$15 tube summer
  • Cliff Jumping Link
San Juan Islands Trip variable Summer
  • See specific details below


Tofino is a small district on Vancouver Island that is best characterized by it’s surf vibes and natural beauty. Tofino sits on the peninsula’s tip and makes for a great place to surf, dive, and enjoy the ocean and island life in general. It’s a great tourist destination, so try to go during the shoulder season to avoid crowds and increased tourism costs.

Camping Option 1: beachfront site, $34, price increases June 1st to $54 (peak season rate), more information: here

Camping Option 2: beachfront site,  $45 a night, more information: here

Ferry: $55 car, $17/person ONE WAY

Lopez Island (San Juan Islands):

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the United States, in Washington. If you’re in British Columbia and have the time, from what I hear, they’re definitely worth the road trip. There are 172 named islands, which is completely insane, but only a few that are accessible easily to tourists. You can read more about the islands, here.

 Camping Option 1: campsites on the beach, choice site $25 a night beach front, more information: here

Camping Option 2: campsites, also on the beach, maybe not as nice as the option above, $32 a night, more information: here

Ferry: $44 car and $12 round trip/person, more information: here

I’d love to hear some of your British Columbia Bucket List ideas! I’m always wanting to plan a trip out west and would love more excuses to do it!


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