How To Stay Safe While Adventuring As a Solo Female


1.Tell Someone:

My bestfriend and I started doing this with dates years ago, and I’ve just of extrapolated the concept and started treating adventuring like dates with a guy you’ve just seen a photo of online. You’re going to want to tell someone the exact details of whatever wild and crazy adventure you’ve got planned, and leave them with a panic time (ie: the time at which they can officially assume you’ve died if you haven’t contacted them).


2.Bring A Map:

Even if you’ve got cell service, plan your adventure with the worse case in mind. What if you leave your phone on the rock where you were taking that amazing selfie or if the trail your hiking takes you through an area without service and you get a little turned around?


3.More is More:

…when it comes to water! Always bring more water than you think you’re going to need. I tend to camel water and there have been many times I’ve found myself restricting water in order to not run out – who wants to do that!?


4.Know How To Save Yourself:

It would be pretty helpful if, say, you were to injure yourself on a hike but instead of freaking out you mentally referred back to that wilderness safety and first aid course you took and get yourself out safely.


5.Identify Yourself:

While we’re talking about safety, make sure you have ID on you. If something should happen, it’s super helpful for people to be able to identify you


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