The Best Time To Visit Letchworth State Park

I added Lethworth State Park onto a trip on a whim and was lucky enough to hit the park during the fall to see the changing leaves!

This reminds me of a different version of Horseshoe Bend!

Letchworth State Park actually ranked 19th in the top state parks list, you can see the entire list here if you’re interested.

The park has an insane amount of trail options, over 60 miles in total, and many of them offer views of the 600 foot drop to the Genesee River below.

One of the three waterfalls at Letchworth Sate Park.

Once I was finished hiking I went to see the three main waterfalls from Inspiration Point (yeah, it’s actually called that). The waterfalls are beautiful but it was hard to get a view of the waterfall without being pushed around  by other tourists!

Learn from my mistakes and heck out my tips on how to get tourist free selfies, here!

The trees are just starting to change at Inspiration Point.

Another thing I didn’t know about until it was too late is the hot air balloon rides available at Letchworth State Park. You have to register pretty far in advance and they aren’t cheap, but it would be such an incredible experience to see the park at sunrise from a hot air balloon!

The dense leaves at Letchworth State Park are definitely worth the visit in the fall!

I think next year I’m even going to camp here. Just like the park, the campground is huge and the sites that I saw were actually quite nice! I think it would be amazing to have access to the trails and the view of the waterfall early in the morning and late at night.

The view looking down over the waterfalls at Inspiration Point in Letchworth State Park.

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