5 Ways To Save Money To Travel

Saving up to travel can seem like a daunting and impossible mission, but I promise you that it’s not all that bad!

Before you attack this list, make sure you have a clear travel budget in mind. Spend some time and research the places you want to go, make an itinerary (even just a rough one), budget out your daily expenses (don’t forget to include food, obviously, and tour costs, park entrance fees, that kind of thing).

With your travel budget in mind here are 5 Ways To Save Money To Travel!


1.Pick Up an Extra Job:

If you’re current job scheduling will allow you to fit in another part time job (think something like: serving where you can make tips, or a grocery store where you can mentally check out but still get paid). If you don’t have the time to commit to an actual job, try to pick up some freelance work on the side. You’d be surprised what kind of opportunities are out there if you’re looking!


2.Sell Your Crap:

We all have stuff laying around that we don’t want to part with. But, what if you could make some extra money by selling that bike you never ride, or even that prom dress you’ll never wear again? There are many ways to get rid of your unwanted stuff:


3.Invest Your Money:

If you’re doing this saving plan right, you’ll have about a year to reach your goal. Open up a high interest savings account to deposit the bulk of your money. But, a year is a pretty good amount of time to invest in some penny stock and (hopefully) watch it grow. Take some of what you earn and ask your bank for advice on how to buy some stock…it’s really quite fun and it’s a great way to make a little extra cash!


4. Track Your Spending:

Take some time and figure out how much money you make in a month, and also how much you spend on necessary things (rent, car payments, that kind of thing). Once you’ve done that, for a week (or two) save all your receipts and track all of your spending. When you’re done take a look at what you can easily cut out first, and do it right away. This is things like Starbucks or that new jacket you didn’t really need. Once you’ve done that, allot that money to be put towards your savings account. Start there, and keep cutting out unnecessary spending as you go.


5. Cut Way Down:

Now that you’ve cut out unnecessary expenses, take a look at what’s left. Those “necessary” expenses, can you make them any less? Try calling your cellphone, cable, internet companies to see what plans they can offer you that might save you even $15 a month. Can you cancel your gym membership and workout at home (download some yoga routines, run outside, that kind of thing)? I hate to be the one to tell you, but it’s not going to be a glamorous experience and it’s not easy…but it will be worth it when you watch your savings account grow!

I’d love to hear other ways you come up with to save extra money in the comments, and you can always check out this post for some other ideas!

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