Don’t Miss Your Chance to Explore Toronto Winter Stations

If you’re looking for something totally different to do this winter, definitely add Toronto Winter Stations to your bucket list!

This will the the third year that the design competition will be taking place along the beaches of Toronto and the design winners were just announced! I’m already excited and you will be too when you see them, here!

Mark your calendars for February 20th until March 27th, 2017 and make sure you’ve got a morning or afternoon set aside to check the Toronto Winter Stations out!

Entering the station called “Floating Ropes” at Toronto Winter Stations, designed by a team from Montreal

I made it near the end of the exhibit timeline last year and the majority of the stations were still well intact and operational. I remember being surprised with how intricate some of them were, some offering fires or hiding spots from the wind.

Heading “Into The Belly of the Bear” at Toronto Winter Stations, designed by a team from Calgary

These stations definitely make you feel like you’ve left the harsh winter of the city and offer a great escape for an afternoon. They’re free to check out, so you really don’t have anything to loose.

Tossing a star back onto “Flow” at Toronto Winter Stations, designed by a team from Toronto

Have you been to the Toronto Winter Stations exhibits before? What did you think of them? One thing I really like about the notes for this years designers is that the Design Competition has put a heavy emphasis on less waste and encourages the use of recyclable materials.

Checking out “The Steam Canoe” at Toronto Winter Stations, designed by a Toronto based team

Will you be going to the Winter Stations Design Competition exhibits this year?

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