Top 5 Hikes in Tobermory!

Tobermory has become a tourism hot spot in Ontario and it’s pretty easy to see why. The area is full of beautiful areas to hike and explore and the town itself is adorable and offers a bunch of unique restaurants and shops. I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 hikes in Tobermory and I’m sure that you’ll love each and every one of these places!


1. Lion’s Head Loop Hike


The Lion’s Head trail is part of the Bruce Trail system and takes you on an 18 km journey through the forest and out to the shoreline of Georgian Bay. This beautiful hike gets the first spot on my list of Top 5 Hikes in Tobermory for good reason! The drops are impressive and the water is a Caribbean blue for as far as you can see. When I’ve been there I’ve seen rock climbers on the cliff faces too, they’re really fun to watch while you enjoy a picnic lunch.

2. Flower Pot Island


The trails on Flower Pot Island are about 5 km in length and you can easily spend a half a day to a day exploring them. Although this isn’t exactly in Tobermory, I still feel that it belongs on the list of Top 5 Hikes in Tobermory due to the fact that you can only access Flower Pot Island from Tobermory. Flower Pot Island offers caves, beautiful forests, and of course, the famous flower pot shaped rock formations along the shoreline. You do have to take a boat here, so don’t forget to book your ticket and plan your day in advance.

3. The Grotto


The grotto has quickly become one of the most famous spots in all of Ontario, and there’s a good reason for it. It’s a beautifully unique place that will make you feel like you’ve left Canada and traveled to a tropical paradise. That is, until you jump into the frigid cold water! It definitely belongs on the list of Top 5 Hikes in Tobermory, but beware…everyone else knows it, too!

4. Cypress Lake Trail


This trail goes around the entirety of Cypress Lake at the Bruce Peninsula National park. It’s a great trail to hit for the day with a hammock and a picnic lunch. There are great swimming spots with water much warmer than at the grotto, and it’s also much more private!

5. Greigs Caves


I stumbled upon Greigs Caves sort of by accident, and they turned out to be a bunch of fun to explore. It’s definitely off the beaten path and is privately owned, so there is an entrance fee, but the trails are well kept and you can easily spend a couple hours exploring the area.

Do you think that these are the Top 5 Hikes in Tobermory? Where else do you think should be on this list?

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