Interact With Wild Animals at Jungle Cat World!

If you’re looking for a place to learn about species conservation and want to get up close and personal with some adorable animals while you do so,  Jungle Cat World is the place for you!

Jungle Cat World is located in Orono, Ontario (just off of the highway), and it’s really well worth the drive to head out and explore this privately owned CAZA accredited zoo.

Snuggling with a tiger cub at Safari Zoo Camp at Jungle Cat World

I grew up attending Safari Zoo Camp at Jungle Cat World and eventually worked there for many summers as camp staff. If you haven’t heard of Safari Zoo Camp at Jungle Cat World, you’re mind is about to be blown away!

The campers stay overnight for week long sessions in cabins on the zoo grounds and are taken on amazing adventures (like caving, canoeing and camping) and also have zoo keeping responsibilities at the zoo itself (like feeding, watering and cleaning the animal enclosures)!

Offering banana to a ring tailed lemur at Jungle Cat World

As staff at Safari Zoo Camp at Jungle Cat World it was our responsibility to educate campers on the importance of animal husbandry and requirements while in captivity. We also ran amazing enrichment programs for the animals and the campers would come up with some pretty awesome ways to keep the zoo animals entertained.

Snuggling a young lynx at Jungle Cat World

If you’re reading this as an adult and want in on the fun, you haven’t missed your opportunity! Jungle Cat World has a bed and breakfast now and they offer animal interaction packages, too. The bed and breakfast offers a few different rooms, some with balconies overlooking the entire zoo grounds! The animal interaction packages are significantly discounted if you stay at the bed & breakfast, so don’t pass up your chance to get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s animals.

Check out their website for more details!

Hanging out with a cotton topped tamarin perched on my shoulder.



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