The Hike You Can’t Miss in O’ahu!

Hike to Ka’ena Point

Before you head out on this hike keep in mind that there is zero shade! Everyone warned me about this but I totally underestimated how much sun exposure there was going to be.

That said, it’s an absolutely gorgeous hike that you really shouldn’t pass up if you’re on O’ahu!

The views are amazing and there are plenty of spots to access the shoreline!

The parking lot is literally at the end of the highway through Waianae and the trail is really easy to follow. This is all really nice because it means there’s is no possible way you can get lost and it’s nice and flat the entire way (I saw some girls doing it in flip flops and one with heels!).

Along the trail, you’ll reach a point where you will have to go through a double gate system put in place by the conservation authorities. It’s intended to keep predators and unwanted pests (mostly dogs, I think) out of the nesting site of the albatross you’ll likely see around from this point forward.

Look at these two little cuties, just nesting away.

If you’re like me, and can’t resist getting in the water, definitely bring your diving gear. I’ve enjoyed some of the best dives off the shores of this point, seeing things like sea turtles, sharks and even dolphins and Hawaiian monk seals frequent these parts! You definitely won’t regret it when you’re baking in the hot Hawaiian sun and are ready to cool off!

Look at this cute octopus friend I made!

This is definitely a hike that is worth doing if you’re looking to experience a different side of O’ahu. It’s very hot and dry, you’ll likely be surprised there’s a place like this on an island that appears, otherwise, so lush and green! !



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