Explore The Best Waterfall in Whistler

When I was in Whistler I knew I had to make the adventure to the base of Brandywine Falls.

It was a beautiful day and I managed to convince my sister to go on this waterfall excursion with me, which is a pretty big deal! She and I don’t often get to adventure together, so it was pretty exciting, and at such an epic location…Brandywine Falls!

At the base of Brandywine Falls

We started down the trail past the viewing platforms and reached the end of the path pretty quickly. It wasn’t too hard to figure out where to go from here, and soon we found ourselves scrambling down the steep rock face to the river we were peering at from above. It was a little scary at points but we both made it to the bottom.

From there, it was a relatively short hike, through some of the most beautiful forest I’ve ever seen, to the base of the falls.

My sister at the base of Brandywine Falls

It was pretty amazing to see Brandywine Falls up close, and even more amazing when we looked up and realized how far down we really were from the trail above us. Brandywine Falls is, after all, an impressive 230 feet tall and is pretty thunderous at all times of the year!


We had a great time exploring the base of the falls and then began the hike back up. I have to admit the climb up was sketchy at a few points, as rocks loosened and tumbled down beneath our feet. We managed, though, and it was definitely worth the slightly sketchy rock scaling to do it!

Have you hiked to Brandywine Falls before? What are your thoughts on the waterfall?

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