Climb the Via Ferrata in Whistler

I have to admit, it wasn’t until recently that I even knew what a Via Ferrata hike was! So, for those of you who also may not know, it actually translates to “iron way” and is one of those badass climbs up the side of a mountain with those build in ladder rungs! I’m telling you, if you’re ever in Whistler you’ve got to fit this activity into your time and money budgeting.

This smile is all fake as I start the climb up Whistler Mountain.

I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of heights…but I don’t love them either, especially when you’re climbing vertically up the side of Whistler Mountain! I started the climb literally muttering to myself “what the f*ck have I gotten myself into” and “I could have slept in instead”.

By the end of the climb, though, I was sad that it was over and wanting to do it again! In other words, if you’re sketched out about heights DO THIS ACTIVITY  to prove to yourself that you can!

The view from the top of Whistler Mountain with Black Tusk in the distance.

I did the Via Ferrata climb with Mountain Skills Academy and our guide, Mia, was totally awesome! She took photos of my group on our climb and emailed them to us when we got back to the chalet…plus she was full of local tips and information on things like where to eat and hike in the area!

Hanging over the edge during the Via Ferrata climb – it’s a lot higher up than it looks!

The climb took us about 3.5 hours, including the hike to get to the base of the Via Ferrata and the chairlift and hike back to the chalet. It didn’t feel overly strenuous but by the end of the day I remember being totally exhausted!

Also, wear sunscreen! The sun reflects off the snow up there, so no matter what the conditions you’re going to burn….it was completely overcast the day I went and I still came out with a pretty glorious backpack tan.


If you have any questions or have done a Via Ferrata climb elsewhere, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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