Top 5 Hikes Around Whistler

This past summer I spent a couple of weeks back in Whistler (I lived in the Vancouver area for a year previously). This time though, I had time to explore and hike places I didn’t get the chance to see before!

5 Hikes You Can’t Miss Around Whistler

1.Brandywine Falls:

This is an amazing waterfall that is visible from a viewing platform a short walk from the parking lot. For the more adventurous, you can access the base of the falls by following the path that continues past the end of the officially parked trail. It’s definitely a scramble down, and up, but it’s well worth it when you’re cooling off at the base of the falls!


2. Jofree Lakes

This is my favourite hike in the Whistler area, hands down. It’s a workout though, be warned…but it really is worth it. There are three lakes in total and the first, or lower, is only about 10 minutes from the parking lot! The second one is the best though, in my opinion, so be prepared to push past the first lake! Check out my Adventure Stamp post on the hike if you want some more details!


3. Trainwreck Hike:

 This hike is more of a walk in the forest, which is nice if you’ve been doing strenuous hikes for a few days beforehand and need a break. It’s also really unique and a lot of fun! It’s along the river, which offers beautiful views, but also ends at the site of an old train wreck. There are still 5 train cars there to explore, and one of the coolest parts its that it’s a designated graffiti area, and there’s some awesome work there!


4. Sea to Sky Gondola

Although this isn’t actually the name of a specific hike, the area itself is worth exploring. You can take the gondola up, or hike up, and access a number of trails on top of the mountain. There’s even a view of the Chief and surrounding areas that’s absolutely breathtaking! Check out the yoga classes, if you’re into that. I did one and it was a lot of fun and totally unique to do yoga on the viewing platform at the top of the gondola!


5. Porteau Cove: 

This is a park off the side of the Sea to Sky highway and you really shouldn’t just drive past it! There are a couple of short trails along the water and a really nice viewing platform. The area is popular with scuba divers so that can be fun to watch as well!


Where have you been to around the Whistler area that I should go next time? I love hearing your suggestions and new places to go, let me know in the comments!

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