Don’t Miss British Columbia’s Best Glacier Lake!

I spent a couple of weeks in Whistler this past summer and hiking Joffre Lakes was pretty high on my trip bucket list! I had seen photos of the three lakes and the glacier water looks absolutely beautiful.

Although this is a bit of a drive from Whistler, it’s definitely worth the day trip. The drive itself is quite scenic and if you want you can plan it so that there are a couple of scenic stops along the way (Nairn Falls, Green Lake, etc).

Look how amazing this glacier water is!

I wasn’t really prepared for how strenuous the hike was going to be though. I got out of the car and made my way down the path shivering, but that didn’t last long. The hike is mostly up hill, and a lot of it is actually pretty steep. That said, you get to the middle lake before you know it and holy sh*t is it worth it!

Balancing on the log trying not to fall into the freezing cold water!

The middle lake is my favourite of the three. There’s an adorable little bench that you can sit and have lunch or a granola bar on while you take in the view. As you continue along the trail you’ll stumble across this fallen tree, it’s a pretty epic photo spot and when I was leaving there was a lineup of people waiting their turns to get photos here!

The glacier blue of Joffre lakes peeking through the trees.

The third lake is beautiful as well, and I didn’t know that there are actually camp sites there! When I go back (I never like to say if I go back…) I really want to camp here, I think that the sunset/sunrise would be absolutely amazing and it would be awesome to have the place completely to myself. Plus, a campfire here, epic!


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