10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Staying at Hotel De Glace

Last winter I stumbled across a Groupon for a night at the Ice Hotel in Quebec. I’d never been to Quebec, let alone stayed in an ice hotel and was super intrigued by the opportunity. I had seen a bunch of pretty glamorous winter photos of people visiting the Hotel De Glace, so I obviously purchased the deal without hesitation.
After my experience, I sat down and realized there were a bunch of things that, if I had know in advance, would have made my experience better (for me, preparation is everything). With that in mind, here’s a list of:

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Spending the Night at Hotel de Glace

  1. The hotel is open to the public up until 9pm, or something like that. That means that you can’t actually get your room or use the hottubs until then.
  2. It’s cold. I mean, I know this should be obviously…but when they say cold, they mean really, really cold! Make sure you bring layers, and mittens that you can still function with. You’re going to want to drink and have fun but your fingers are going to freeze!
  3. There are only something like 10 hottubs for 40 rooms of people so be ready to make new friends, even if it’s not what you had signed up for.img_5739
  4. The food isn’t great, despite how much they talk it up. It’s cafeteria style and if I were to ever go again I’d probably eat before going, to be honest. The drinks from the bar in the Ice Hotel, however, are awesome! They come in a little ice glass that you get to keep for the night (it stays frozen…so cool)!
  5. You have to fit all of your belongings into a locker, and can’t take anything into your room. If you want to change, brush your teeth or anything you need to leave the ice hotel and go back to the main building to your locker (which you can access at all times at least).img_5808
  6. It’s way more beautiful than I ever imagined. Sure I expected ice sculptures and stuff, but the way the special suites are designed is just out of this world!
  7. You can just visit for the day. Like I mentioned above, in point 1, the hotel is open to visitors for waaaay less money than it costs to spend the night.
  8. You can go ice tubing! I didn’t know this and showed up too late and the activity had already closed. I think it was running until 4pm…if you’re going, look it up! It looked like it would have been a lot of fun!img_5746
  9. You probably won’t sleep very much. It’s okay though, you have access to the hottubs all night and the sleeping bags provided are pretty warm.
  10. Speaking of sleeping bags, they are provided to you after you complete the instructional course on how to sleep comfortably in the ice hotel for the night. The instructor covers everything from clothing suggestions to sleeping positions that are best for heat conservation.


Have you been to the Hotel de Glace, what did you think of your experience?


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