6 Bucket List Worthy Winter Hikes

With winter and snow approaching, I figured it was time to think about some of the better hiking options in the Southern Ontario area!

* Disclaimer: you’re going to want some good winter boots, otherwise you’ll have wet and cold feet! *

6 Bucket List Worthy Winter Hikes

1. Tews & Websters Falls:


These falls are a little tricky to get to in the winter months and you definitely want to be careful exploring around the base of the falls (especially Websters) because it’s slippery! They’re beautiful when they freeze over though and, as usual, Websters is prone to develop a rainbow or two depending on the lighting.

2. Borers Falls:

This falls is a little off the beaten path, which always draws me to a place more! It’s an easy one to get right up close to and it does fully freeze during the colder months of winter (I think I was there in February, so it’s flowing pretty strong at the start of the seasons thaw).

Borers Falls in February

3. Balls Falls:

There are actually two Balls……Falls. Okay, I know, but I had to!  There really are two though, an upper and lower. Before going here, I assumed that the upper falls was going to be the larger of the two, but boy was I wrong. The upper falls is definitely impressive, and easier to access. The lower falls requires a scramble to get to, but it’s really fun to explore, and waaay bigger than the upper falls! Because of the width of the lower falls, there’s a wide sheet of ice that you can walk across to get right up to the middle of the falls. It’s really misty though, as you can tell from the photo!

Lower Balls Falls

4. Decew Falls:

Who knew that the summers best swimming spot was also fun to explore in the winter!? I discovered this last year, but I have to warn you…I also almost broke multiple limbs getting there. The snow makes everything reaaaally slippery (duh, Andrea!) so make sure you’re prepared – maybe even take those hiking poles hard core retiree’s use…or just be careful.

5. The Devils Punchbowl: 

This is arguably more fun in the winter when the river is frozen over. You don’t have to get wet and/or muddy to access the base of this local gem! It does require crossing the river, so you’re still going to want to have water proof shoes of some kind, but you definitely don’t need to struggle walking up to the base!

the Devil’s Punchbowl

6. The Elora Quarry:

 This is another one of my favourite spots to play in the summer that I discovered transfers nicely to winter as well! The entire quarry freezes over and you can walk across the whole thing, it’s so peaceful in the winter!


Let me know what you think and where you’re planning on exploring this winter!

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