10 Wanderlust Festival Tips & Tricks

After having been to the Wanderlust Festival in both Whistler and O’Ahu I thought I’d write a little post with some things I’ve learned about the festival!


10 Tips & Tricks About Wanderlust Festivals

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle, there’s refill stations all around the village!
  2. Don’t bother packing a lunch or snacks! There are so many free samples at the markets you can feast for free!
  3. That said, expect to spend way more than you plan at the markets. There are so many awesome vendors with unique things you’ll just have to buy!
  4. Get ready to make new friends! Everyone is seriously down to earth and easy going…plus, there’s a serious no judgement atmosphere going on!
  5. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes…I had my Fitbit on and easily hit 25,000 plus steps many days!
  6. Stay in the village! It’s really nice to be able to pop in and out of your room between classes, plus it’s an incredible experience. I definitely recommend checking out Air BnB!
  7. Expect the classes to be packed. It’s easy to get frustrated when you can’t see or hear the instructor, but just go with the flow. It’s still a great time and just adds to the ‘get close and make friends’ atmosphere of the festival if you think positively about it!
  8. Accept that you will skip a class…or two. I always pack my schedule with as many yoga classes as I can and go hard for the first day or two. Then the exhaustion hits me and I ultimately end up switching that morning grind hike to a calming meditation or beginners yin class.
  9. It’s not just about yoga! You’re going to fall in love with new music too! Every festival I’m a little surprised by how much I love the bands that are incorporated into the festival. This past summer I discovered Deya Dova during a class in Whistler – it was hands down my favourite yoga class, ever!
  10. Bring your camera! There are so many awesome opportunities to take photos during the festival, you’ll definitely want to have your camera handy!
Michael Franti concert in Whistler

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