Adventure Stamp: Hike to Decew Falls

Nestled off the highway in the St. Catharines area, this waterfall is pretty easy to access! DeCew Falls is one of my favourite summer waterfalls because it always has a good swimming spot!

As you start the trail, before you even get to the waterfalls, you’ll arrive at this adorable tire swing! This area is great if you’ve got a floatie, there were some other people with noodles there when I went the other day. It’s smaller (ie: more contained, so you won’t float away) and the water is nice and calm.


Once you’re done exploring this area just follow the trail along the stream until you reach Lower Decew falls. The trail is really straight forward, you don’t have to worry about getting lost!

Lower Decew Falls

From here you just continue the trail again until you reach the upper falls. The main falls is an amazing spot to swim and hangout! You can get behind the waterfall and the pool at the base is pretty deep throughout the summer (even when some other places are dried up little mud puddles).

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If you haven’t checked this spot out, you definitely need to!

Let me know if you’ve got other suggestions for places to explore in the area!

6 thoughts on “Adventure Stamp: Hike to Decew Falls

  1. I went yesterday! Such a cool place and it was actually pretty quiet! Thanks 🙂 ! Your photos always inspire me to get out and enjoy what’s right under our noses! Xo

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