Adventure Stamp: Yoga in a Lavender Field

A yoga class in a blooming lavender field … is there anything better?


Terre Bleu Lavender Farms is somewhere you’ve got to visit during the summer, even if you don’t participate in a yoga class. The lavender fields are HUGE (yes…fieldS…there’s more than one!) and they even participate in conservation studies with their adorable little bees!


The yoga class was $25 and was 45 minutes long with the smell of blooming lavender from the field literally right in front of you. I took the class near the end of the season and could still smell the lavender, so can only imagine how great it would have been earlier in the season!


The class was great and during shavasana they placed a lavender soaked towel on your forehead…which was probably the best part of the whole class! …did I mention they also give you iced lavender tea?

The class was great, but it was quickly over shadowed by what I now think of as the best part of the day…lavender ice cream. I knew going into this day that I was going to try it and that I would probably enjoy it but it’s seriously the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The only disappointing part to report is that they don’t sell it in containers to take home, just cones! BOO!img_3537

I can’t wait to head back next summer to take another yoga class…and buy as many lavender ice cream cones as I can in a season!

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