Adventure Stamp: You’ll Regret Not Tubing the Elora Gorge!

Tubing at the Elora Gorge is something I haven’t done since I was a kid – what a mistake!!

My friend and I had an afternoon to spare and wanted to take advantage of the last days of summer here in Ontario! Despite the water levels being slightly lower than ideal (our arms sure reminded us of that the next day), we both had an incredible time!

Emily Tubing 2

You can rent a full package (tube, life jacket and helmet) from the park for $25 a day (with a $75 deposit) or you can bring your own items…but you do have to have all three. It sure makes for a stylish experience…and you don’t want to smell the life jacket.

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There are really just a couple of spots with what could be called rapids, but it’s definitely not unsafe and we even saw a few small fries having some fun with their parents.

Emily Tubing 3

One thing we learned is that water shoes are a definite asset for these types of activities! We ditched our sandals at the loading point thinking that walking back barefoot was better than risking loosing our shoes to the river. Let me just say that the walk back was pretty painful and that the next days agenda definitely included pedicures!

Andrea Tubing 2

Tubing the Elora Gorge is definitely going on my bucket list for next summer! We even discussed doing an overnight camping trip so we could tube for the entire day…oh the possibilities….

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